merging blogs..

With a fair bit of work coming my way lately and working on a lot of new designs.. running two blogs is proving to be somewhat challenging... 

So I have merged the kasiabear blog and kasiabear kids blog into one.. over at 

I will still keep this blog up and every now and then pop some of the projects I am working on.. but all the action will be happening over at kasiabear.. 

I'd love you to come and join me


my little stores are slowly getting filled..

where has kasiabear been? being a busy mum loving life and not getting to her computer as often as before to put it simply.. but busy creating.. so just to get up to date.. here are some of the little treasures i've been working on..

available at either my etsy or madeit stores.. 

if you like something here.. but would like it in a different size or fabric combination.. email me at to discuss a custom order.. 

my little pocket denim skirt..

I so loved making this little skirt.. I printed the fabric a couple of months ago, I made the pocket a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to put it all together the other day.. look out for a few more coming in this style.. I love it!!

so simple, so sweet and just classic..

kasiabear in handmade living..

Well, its been a bit of a crazy week in our household.. me planning my first ever trip away since becoming a mum.. my little guy being sick again.. and putting together my submission for handmade living..

And now that its all finalised.. I'd like to share my excitement.. I am so, so, so honoured to be a part of this creation and to work alongside other amazing designers and makers... You'll have to wait to see kasiabear's little creations till the book is released.. but if nothing else, writing this submission and thinking outside the box as a designer again has put a few more things in perspective for me.. so keep a look out for new and amazing things to come.. here on this blog, at kasiabear.. a little bit of me, my etsy shop and my made it shop..

handmade living. is.. 
a beautiful new creation that combines the inspiration and talents of handmade designers living in Canberra and also interstate. 
Its pages will be lush with stunning creations to share and inspire. 
A hardcover, beautifully photographed and illustrated tome. 
Providing how-tos, information and breathtaking inspiration, 
a publication for lovers of style, beauty and stunning creations, handmade with care. 
Handmade bliss

drawstring bags..

This would have to be one of my favourite fabrics and I was lucky enough to make a little library bag for one of Ella's favourite friends...

These drawstring bags can be made in many different fabric combinations and sizes and are available through my made it store.. message me or email me if you would like kasiabear to make you one and I will email you available fabrics.. there are plenty of boys and girls ones to choose from.

little mod cord skirt..

What a week its been in our household.. I've only just finally got to upload the little Mod Cord skirt onto madeit and etsy.. so a very belated drum roll please... for the colour options that is..

and if you don't like my options.. go your hardest on these colours and choose your own colourway..

and then you come up with the end result in your choice of colours looking like this..

the Lelly Lou skirt in bold house graphics..

We had a beautiful weekend with my little munchkins and even managed to soak up some sun in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens.. Sooo beautiful at this time of the year.. Ella aka Lelly Lou wore the Lelly Lou skirt and it was lovely to receive so many comments from passers by..

Here are a few of my favourite pics of the day..

little mod cord skirt..

I know I've mentioned that I love jeans.. but did I mention that I love cord almost as much.. well, I've had a little play over the weekend and finally decided on the next kasiabear design.. this skirt will be available in a few colourways so keep an eye out.. in the meantime I thought I'd share the design...

It will be available in my madeit and etsy shops for $35 as soon as the colourways are finalised..

shop shop shop...

Getting RSI from loading up items onto both my etsy and madeit shops.. here are a few items we had a ball doing a little photoshoot with Lell..

500 who like kasiabear on facebook giveaway

OK.. so I no longer have fans.. I have people who like kasiabear.. which is kinda nice really.. and 502 of them.. WOW!!!

We'll, January 2010 I had a little pipe-dream of reaching 1000 followers/fans/friends by the official launch date of kasiabear on 4th of July 2010.. it really was a pipe-dream and reaching 500 fans really is amazing and I feel a little blown away at the moment.. thanks guys n gals!!

I promised a little giveaway and here are the items and winners below..

winner of the jeep printed tee is....
Mikila Roberts
mikila.. please message me with your postal address 
and your little mans tee size
and i'll print him a little jeep tee

winner of the strawberry printed 6x12'' fabric is...
Irene Aboul-Hosn
irene.. please message me with your postal address

winner of the little eco-party bag is...
Maree Hamilton
 maree.. please message me with your postal address and
choice of boy or girl party bag

and thats it from me for now guys.. congrats to all the winners!!
and thanks again for all your support guys!!

tags and packaging..

I'm finally happy with my little tags, placement and how I am attaching them to the tees and my little creations... still working on the packaging as I'm still waiting on a few more bits and pieces to arrive... but getting there...

where to put the tags...

having a ball making little eco-goodie bags for zaccy's first birthday party..
the theme is 'planes' and colours.. navy, red and white.. 
there are a few girls and few boys all different ages so I'm making specialised bags for each person..
only bit is.. can't decide on the placement of the kasiabear tags.. 

happy easter...

wishing you all a beautiful easter
i'll be spending mine chilling out with my family

we have a winner for a little green tee...

'my trike'
was by far the most popular design getting 72% of the votes
so this is the little green tee that will be given away today... 
and the winner is... 
drum roll...

comment #18 - mummy2jj

thank you to everyone who entered!!! 

loving mr mushroom..

Printed some gorgeous fabrics last night.. pic to come soon..

Just thought I'd excuse myself for the next month or so from the facebook and blog world as I take over my shed and turn it into a little studio.. this unpacking and packing up around kids is proving faar too time consuming and I so need a workspace after Zaccy took over mine almost a year ago..

As I create my little space I will try to do a few posts of the transformation of the currently very run down shed at the end of our block..

Have Fun!!

a little sneak peak.. cushion covers...

It's pretty straight forward.. I love cushions.. and therefore love cushion covers..

Here is a little one I made today inbetween hanging out with my little guy.. washing.. cleaning.. cooking and taking Ella to a Wizzy Wizard birthday party...

front of the cushion.. 
front detail..
back of the cushion..

a little sneak peak.. draw string bags...

I love drawstring bags.. well bags that contain small objects from around the house in general. Its funny how things coincided that Ella turned 3 and started receiving toys which contained numerous tiny choking hazards at the same time as Zaccy became fully mobile and decided that the oral sensory experience was his favourite pass time..

I quickly invested in a set of pencil cases to try and contain all those little bits in their relevant groups but soon discovered that pencil cases only come in a few sizes.. cannot fit the whole set of toys and are really quite boring and rarely match... so the drawstring bag sewing adventure began...

So here is a little sneak peak at a couple I have made for Ella. I have started creating these for my little shops and as soon as my little kasiabear labels arrive I'll pop them in .. And rest assured there will be plenty of BOY's designs coming.. and in many shapes and sizes too.

a little giveaway for a green t.. which one will it be..

As a little thank you to all my new facebook friends and fans and also my blog followers, I'd like to give away a little size 4 green t-shirt I printed last night, but I'd like you guys to pick the design which will be given away.. so here goes..

These are the two designs.. printed on exactly the same t-shirt style and size.. being size 4, and both printed in purple on a lime green t-shirt.. 'my trike' & 'my little flower garden'..

Soooo... what to do to be in the running to win one of these t-shirts...

  • vote which t-shirt you would prefer on the poll on this blog
  • follow this blog
  • facebook, blog or tweet about this givaway
  • become a fan of kasiabear on facebook
So.. get voting as the t-shirt with the most votes will be the one given away.. 

(please leave a separate comment on this blog for each entry)

Giveaway ends and will be drawn on March 31st, 2010. International entries are welcome. 

strawberry with a cherry on top please...

Here we go.. feel a lot better now.. a couple of girlie designs done.. now I can focus on the planes, trains and automobiles...

my mushrooms...

My little princess has been feeling a little left out each time I do a design.. so I had to do something girly for her... can't wait to print these on wednesday...

my jeep...

Had a kid free and husband free outing last night... very nice and rejuvenating mentally... but feeling a bit sleep deprived today.. oops..

anyhow... here is my next design.. inspired by last night..

I loooove jeeps..

a little fundraiser for a beautiful family..

A little while back we received a letter from my kids childcare centre informing us of a change of management.. reason being is that one of the beautiful girls who worked in the office was diagnosed with leukemia... me being ignorant and not really knowing much about the illness googled it and realised just how serious it really was and how much of an impact this will have on this little family.. Even closer to my heart was the fact that this ladies little girl is in my daughters room and I know her very well..

From the moment we stepped into this childcare centre to check it out I felt at home and put Ella on the books straight away. Its a wonderful family atmosphere and I love it for so many different reasons.. and even more so now when I found out that parents are donating goods to be sold at the centre to raise money for this beautiful family...

I wanted to add to this wonderful gesture and make some little t-shirts.. so here are the first four.. printed, washed 3 times just to make sure they're good and durable and ready to be delivered on Monday..

the first t-shirt order has been placed...

I'm so excited to share this little bit of info.. it took a little while as there were so many fun colours to choose from and sad to say... I couldn't have them all.. The choice was hard but I managed to limit myself to 6 colours which I will be very excited to see in real life when they arrive early next week..

I am currently testing out colour combinations, washability and wear of the paints and fabric I have chosen to work with and hoping to have some fun designs in my shop soon.. It's a bit of a long process, but I want to make sure that all of my items are durable and can handle a bit of rough treatment by their little owners..

So share in the fun of this little journey with me.. I love comments.. I love feedback and I'd love to hear of any designs you always wished you could have on a t-shirt for your little one and just never found..

the first singlet sample is printed.. 'my trike'

Had a great time last night trying out the 'my trike' stencil.. it printed beautifully on paper but its a little delicate for fabric. I'm in the process of 'toughening' it up a little and then re-cut.

my little man modeling..